Jonathan Caldwell Psychotherapy Wimpole Street, Central London and The City

Transactional Analysis has its origins rooted in psychoanalysis. I work with a psychoanalytic approach that is orientated towards working through blocks that impede the developments we wish for. The accent is on resolving problems and opening channels for growth instead of merely prescribing a set of techniques to alleviate them. The purpose of this endeavour is to facilitate change.

The psychoanalyst Carl Jung said:
'I am not what happened to me, I am what I choose to become.'

In working through what happened in our lives, in acknowledging all that we are, including that which may be out of awareness, a space can be enabled in which to explore who we choose to be and to know more about who we do not wish to be. In a context where there are clear ethical boundaries there is a unique opportunity to develop a safe and always negotiable space, at times perhaps a challenging space, but always a nurturing one in which to expand awareness of who we are and who we would prefer to be in all aspects of our lives.

I view our initial meeting as a conversation and enquiry about your wishes and needs. I would be interested in supporting you to begin your journey of change and healing. From there, if we agree to meet again, I would suggest a further 2 sessions or so to find out if we wish to work together and if I can support you in bringing about the changes you seek.

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